Starting a co-operative

How do I start a co-op in Ontario?

People generally start a co-operative business for one of three reasons:

  • There is a specific need, challenge or opportunity in their community that is not being met by another type of business model
  • A local or small business is closing and they want to maintain the business and employment opportunities within the community
  • Employees wish to buy out their employer and take over the business - otherwise referred to as business succession

Our website has an entire section dedicated to helping those interested in launching a co-operative business, including the key advantages and disadvantages of the co-operative business model, and how to get started and incorporate your co-operative. Our resources are designed to provide the tools and information you need in order to be successful in your co-operative venture. Click to access the Starting a Co-operative section of our website. 

OCA also has a Co-op Development Manager on site that can assist you. Please contact Peter Cameron at 1.888.745.5521 x 23, or by email to, to set up an appointment and discuss your ideas and business plan.