Articles of Incorporation

You can obtain a copy of your Articles of Incorporation by submitting a request to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services for your Corporate Records. The Corporate Records include all documents that are part of the microfiche/scanned corporate records for the co-operative.

The cost for this request is $10.00.

Note: If you require a certified copy, this is an additional $26. Usually certified copies are only required if they are being presented in court, or if someone has asked for a certified copy specifically.

No specific form is required for a search request. Simply email your request to

Include your request for a copy of the Corporate Records (or a certified copy), along with the entity name and corporation number, your name, daytime phone number and email address. Please do not provide credit card information by email. 

The daytime phone number is used to contact you for payment details. After your email is received, you should receive a phone call from staff within about five (5) business days to collect credit card information.

You can also make requests by mail or in person. Information to do so is contained in the following link: