Issue with co-op Board

How to resolve an issue or complaint in a housing co-operative between the members and board.

Every co-operative is its own autonomous organization, so unless the board of directors is contravening the Co-operative Corporations Act or otherwise breaking a law, the remedy to the issue must come directly from within your co-operative.

If the board of directors is contravening the Act, contact the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (see section 146 of the Act). If directors are breaking the law in some other way, contact your local law enforcement authorities.

If the issue is not a legal issue, common steps to address these types of concerns would be to first express your concern to the board of directors. If that does not produce the results you are hoping for, the next step would be to check in with other members of your co-operative to assess whether the issue is something that many members are concerned about, or if it is a matter that is more of a personal concern. If the matter is not of concern to other members, you may need to consider whether it is a personal matter, and whether you wish to remain a member of the co-operative. If many members have similar concerns, the matter can be raised with the board of directors - either directly with them, or through a special meeting of the members that they must call if enough of the members request it. If discussion at a special meeting does not resolve the issue, the next steps would be carrying out removal of directors, or work to elect new directors at the next annual meeting.

If you have a specific question, issue, concern or complaints regarding a housing co-operative, please contact the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada, Ontario Region toll free at 1.800.268.2537, or by email at If your housing co-op is a member of CHF, you may also access their library of online resources here.