Housing Co-operative Accommodation

How to find a unit in a housing co-op. Co-op Housing Vacancy. Looking for a vacant unit/wait list/application process.

The Ontario Co-operative Association is not a housing co-operative and we do not process applications or support applicants.

To find a housing co-operative in Ontario, please contact the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada, Ontario Region toll free at 1-800-268-2537, or use their online listing to find a specific housing co-operative in your area. You will need to contact the desired housing co-operative directly. 

If you are looking for housing in the GTA, CHF, Toronto also has a listing of housing co-ops with open waiting lists here. 

If you are looking for housing in KW, Cambridge, Guelph or Brantford, please contact the Central Ontario Co-operative Housing Federation toll free at 1-800-927-2834, or use their online listing to find a specific housing co-operative.

If you are looking for co-operative housing in the Ottawa/Eastern Ontario region, please contact the Co-operative Housing Association of Eastern Ontario, or view their listing of member co-ops here.

CHF, Toronto also has a step-by-step guide (outlined below) on how to apply to a co-op for housing.

How to apply for co-op housing:

Most co-ops have a waiting list of people who would like to move into the co-op. These lists are usually divided into two categories:

  • People who can pay the full or โ€œmarketโ€ housing charges
  • People who will need a subsidy.

Subsidy (or rent supplement) is money that the government pays to help lower the housing charges for people with low incomes. Each co-op has an agreement with the government that outlines the amount of money available and who can qualify.

Unfortunately, at this time many of the co-ops have closed their waiting lists.

How to apply for a subsidy?

Municipalities administer the waiting lists for subsidized housing, including many co-ops contact your local municipality for details.

How to apply if you can pay market housing charges?

If you can pay the full or โ€œmarketโ€ housing charges, contact the co-op you are interested in for an application form.

Please Remember!

When you apply to a housing co-op, please remember that there is no guarantee that the co-op will be able to offer you a unit. You may be placed on a waiting list. Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis. However, you may have to wait until a unit of the appropriate size is available or the co-op may have to offer housing to certain people first.

Feeling Frustrated?

If you are frustrated that there is not enough affordable housing, you can write, fax or e-mail to federal, provincial and municipal politicians.