What is a co-operative?

Defining what co-operative corporation is.

As its name implies, a co-operative is about people coming together to meet a common need - be it economic, social, cultural, environmental - or all the above. It is a versatile business model that can operate in every sector of the economy.  A co-operative is also a legally incorporated organization that is owned by its members, who use the co-operative's services or purchase their products. They can and do provide virtually every product or service, and can be either for-profit or non-profit enterprises.

There is an entire section on our website to help increase your basic knowledge and understanding of co-operatives. You will learn about: what non-financial and financial co-operatives are, the seven principles of co-operatiion, the co-operative identity, Ontario co-operatives specifically, how the co-operative movement began (globally, nationally and provincially), and how co-operatives provide solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges.

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