Getting Started

How to use the help center to find what you are looking for.


Answers to some frequently asked questions.

Co-ops 101

What is a co-op and how is it different from other business models?

Housing Co-operatives

Information and resources for members, directors and staff of housing co-operatives in Ontario.

Co-operative Corporations Act

Information about the legislation and regulations that govern co-operatives in Ontario.

Incorporate, Dissolve, or Change a Co-operative

Where to find information on how to incorporate, dissolve or make changes to you co-operative

Record Keeping

What to keep, and how to access your co-operatives records.

Starting a Co-operative

Why start a co-op and where to find resources to help.

Co-op Service Providers

How to find service providers that can assist in all your co-operatives needs.

Financing a Co-operative

Information on financing a new co-op, or raising capital for an existing co-op.